Top 10 SEO Tips Of 2014 To Achieve Higher Ranking

Search engine Optimization after the penguin as well as panda update seems frightening for most webmasters. It is extremely true that SEO gets hard but still it’s not dead. We nevertheless can gain search positions and generate prospects with our SEO initiatives. There are a handful of quick and simple SEO tips that everybody should in 2014.

Keywords: Focus on subject of content.

We already know  recent Hummingbird update isn’t just an update but it’s complete change more than of the search formula. All these days much more focus was upon keyword, keyword within title, keyword within meta tags, URLs, key phrase density, etc, all of this is still necessary however it is now more about subject of the article, your post should include more key phrases that are relevant to subject.

 keyword research and its uses

Over the years Google offers studied search developments and has made excellent effort in enhancing synonym identification as well as concept grouping. What this means is your article must have as many keywords which are synonym to primary keyword and also all of the keywords that are associated with topic, also mixture of both. This will give impact that the article is extremely related to the main key phrase.

Article Quality: Create Longer and Significant Articles

There was a time whenever 250 words content articles used to do well searching engine ranking however after panda update we’ve past the age of brief articles. Many websites possess suffered ranking due to small article particularly corporate website that hardly post lengthy articles. Well you can’t continue to have such little articles in your web site, few of such webpages won’t be a problem but when bulk of the web pages are of such kind than your site could possibly get panda bait.


There are many web site that have seen achievement with 1500 phrases articles, so if you are somebody that writes short content articles than you can mix them to make it lengthy article but the primary focus here ought to be to make it a meaningful post and not bother an excessive amount of about word count. Your articles should be well written, grammatically appropriate and very much significant. The best way to write lengthy articles is by making list type or even combining features and benefits.

 Improve Audience: With Distinctive and Fresh Content material

One of the main focus associated with online marketing should be to boost the audience for your content material. This can only occur if you focus on making fresh content, i mean , that writing brand new topic which other people have not touched on. This will help in upping your audience base.

 Improve the audiance for visibility

Because result your group of influence increases in Google+, Facebook , tweets or other social media. Composing a new content doesn’t only help in growing readership but it also works well for increasing crawl rate of recurrence and depth of the website. You have to have the mindset that content material on your website is with regard to generating awareness as well as trust. Having this type of mindset will help you with increased topics to write regarding.

Bounce Rate: Site visitors Engagement on Your Website

How much time does visitor spends on your site or in other words bounce rate. Well if you are using a meaningful content and providing what visitor desires than he will be investing more time on your web page. Increasing user wedding on your website can help to eliminate bounce rate as well as thereby increase the likelihood of better ranking.

 Bounce Rate

Consumer engagement can be enhanced by not only getting good text content material but also by having great webpage design, much better layout of web page, good fonts as well as line spacing agreement, better navigation as well as link presentation. Each one of these factors can impact immensely on the period, bounce rate as well as user engagement statics.

Avoid Ads: Too Many Ads could possibly get Penalized

How many advertisements and where do you put your advertisements? well getting ads on your web site is not a problem but if you’ve too many ads or even inappropriate ad positioning can cause penalization. You have to be wary of text link advertisements, they should be content coordinating. Automated phrase linked advertisements should not be used.

 ad placement and ranking

If there are any kind of ads like popups or even interstitial advertisements that can cause disturbance to the ability associated with search engines to spider your website than those advertisements should be avoided.

Description Should be Targeted to Increase Click-through Rate

There isn’t any much change in optimisation of meta description label. Avoid duplicate explanation tag, make sure that each and every page on your web site is having different explanation. Keyword stuffing within description can increase alarm so the greatest idea is to concentrate on increasing click through rate.


You also enticing description ought to be written within A hundred and fifty word this is to make sure that non of the phrases get cut off and also the actual massage is actually presented as it is created to increase click-through rate. Search engines also might intend to push-up ranking of sites which have better click-through rate.

Organized Data Markup: Think Before A person Implement It.

You must understand which search engines like Google, Yahoo as well as Bing show looking results in the data structure they want to, so that their own visitors are provided with the very best and maximum details about a topic.

Employing organized data markup in your website you will be providing optimum information to the search engines like google and the visitors can get the required information in the search engine. So there is really a possibility that the customer may not come to your site, while you want the visitors should come to your website and take some motion or get large amount of other information not proven by search engine. Which means you need to think before a person implement it.

Having said this there are several structured data markups that are best practices and must end up being implemented like marketers and author label.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Cure it or Hide This

Talking about keyword padding is like a old school speak and by now all of the SEO followers understand very well that key phrase stuffing will be punished. But there are some type of website like shopping cart software where it is possible that very same keyword appears often may be as a class or titles of merchandise. So will this not really affect your search engine optimization and thereby position.

 keyword stuffing penalty

If your website is aged and authority website than it may not obtain effected much but when it is new or even about 2 years old compared to better be careful along with keyword stuffing. If you wish to show keyword to look engine than make use of HTML if you want to conceal than use picture, java-script or other media.

 Web addresses: Keep It Readable

 Along with for URLs you can keep as you were doing previously, that is keep the web addresses readable. A understandable URL gets better ctr in search engine in addition to with back-links on additional pages. In Google search engine results a better readable web address has more possibility of being clicked compared to other short or even non formatted web addresses.

web address

Also if you float mouse over a hyperlink on any web page you can see the web address at the bottom of internet browser, since the anchor text messages are few phrases the visitor may not comprehend the topic of that web address. But if the urls tend to be readable than the customer understands the topic and therefore there is more possibility of getting clicked, therefore traffic. So ensure that your CMS has a function to create url much like that of title for your post, if your Content management systems is not having this function than better improve your CMS to the 1 where in you can create Web addresses as you wish it to be.

Crawl: Be sure that your Website Can Be easily Indexed

 Unless your web pages are not crawled they can’t appear in search engine results. So you’ve to make sure that all your web pages are crawlable. Also be sure you use proper meta data like index, noindex, adhere to tags etc based on which pages you need to be crawled as well as which you do not.

 web crawling techniques

Additionally ensure that the search engines possess crawled the web pages that have been recently up-to-date. If you find that updated webpages are not crawled of computer might be problem of the domain authority. This issue can be resolved through better internal and external back-links. Make efforts to get the webpages you want to get ranked end up being crawled faster and sometimes updated. Do not let it rest for the chance.

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January 28, 2014

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